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  • Bridgeland: Volume Two The Graphic Novel

    Bridgeland: Volume Two is the final chapter of the gripping contemporary/suspense graphic novel set in Barbados.

What’s Bridgeland: Volume Two about?

Bridgeland: Volume Two is the final chapter of the gripping contemporary/suspense graphic novel set in Barbados.


The death of his son, Joseph, has haunted Alasdair and his grief has soured into vengeance. He has made plans, insidious plans, which are nearly complete. He has used his influence to free Winfield from prison. Joanne has abruptly left Terrence after being manipulated into believing that he is unfaithful. With Terrence at his lowest, is he prepared for the desperate confrontation with his ex-con brother?


What’s the goal?

This crowd funder is all about making Bridgeland: Volume Two a reality. We’ve set the goal at US$5,000.


Where’s the money going?

Based on our calculations, this amount will cover the remainder of our illustration costs, production costs, campaign rewards, and the fees for VisionFunder and Paypal.



Yup, we’ve got perks and they are fantastic!

With almost every tier you can get yourself a copy of Bridgeland: Volume Two. In some cases, you’ll get a digital copy.

Backing this campaign is just like pre-ordering your compy of Bridgeland: Volume Two.

For others, you will get one signed and numbered physical copy! Every copy of Bridgeland: Volume Two will feature a limited edition cover not available at retailers and will get to you before hitting the shelves.
We’ve also got lined up: limited edition coasters, laser-etched wall art, groovy t-shirts, 


posters and digital wallpapers, and spectacular Bridgeland character figurines!


Backing this campaign is the perfect way to pre-order Bridgeland: Volume Two. There are other awesome rewards as well, like posters!

What about Stretch Goals?

We’ve got five (5) phenomenal stretch goals lined up. Each new stretch goal will be unlocked the higher you push us past the goal line. Every stretch goal enhances Bridgeland: Volume Two. Not to give too much away, but you can expect anything from bonus Bridgeland novelettes, to original music inspired by the Bridgeland graphic novel, and so much more!


Can’t contribute now, but want to help?

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  • Whatsapp somebody about the campaign
  • Hug someone and whisper “Hail Bridgeland” in their ear







All or nothing!

This is a “fixed funding” campaign, so it’s all or nothing. How it works is that you pledge your amounts. Money will only leave your credit card once we’ve successfully reached our goal.


About Shipping

Perks will be delivered as described in the perk descriptions. For those of you living outside the Caribbean please add US$10 for international shipping.


Q: When do I get my rewards?

A: That depends on the perk AND where in the world you are. For items that require physical shipment please give us until around April 2016.
Please note that your perks could also come a lot sooner than that.