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    Welcome to Apostolic Encampment 2016: Re-imagine the Region – a gathering of believers from across the Caribbean region which we at Kingdom First International Church (KFIC) are honoured to host.


Apostle Fitzroy Wilson

Apostle Fitzroy Wilson is the founder and Senior Elder of Kingdom First International Church (KFIC) based in Barbados. 
For almost 30 years, Fitzroy has been used by God to impact lives throughout the Caribbean, South America, the USA, Europe, and Africa. 
He is also the Founder of the Regional Exchange Apostolic Leadership ( R.E.A.L.) Network. An organization that is connecting kingdom-minded people across the Caribbean and beyond. 

David Rowe

Psalmist David Rowe has been involved in Christian Ministry for over 40 years. He functions itinerantly as Pulpit minister, Worship leader, Worship conference speaker and Psalmist course teacher among other areas. 
He is the author of several books on worship, the latest being "On Earth as it is in Heaven: The Ministry of the Psalmist" and is the founder of the "Harp and Bowl Room" in Barbados, a live worship and intercession ministry that is 24 hours in continuous intercession.

Donna Every

Donna Every is the author of nine books, a speaker and business teacher. She is a Chartered Accountant and has worked with Ernst & Young Barbados for ten years in the Audit and Corporate Finance & Entrepreneurial Services departments, before starting her own business in 1998. 

Ian Blanchard

Ian Blanchard is a certified Business Coach, providing business help, business advice, business coaching and mentoring services to business owners who are serious about growing themselves and their business.

Dr. Hugh Osgood

Dr. Hugh Osgood is a senior UK church leader, known for equipping visionary leaders and for encouraging churches to engage with their communities.  He holds a number of national and international positions, being the Free Churches Moderator and a President of Churches Together in England, as well as being the Co-Chair of the UK Charismatic and Pentecostal Leaders’ Conference and serving as the founding President of Churches in Communities International.

Apostle Irma Gimith 

Apostle Irma Gimith-Woerdings is a General of Intercession who has founded several interceding organizations and is also an Overseer of several churches locally and abroad (U.S.A. and The Netherlands). As an Apostle to the nations, she is called “Ma” by nearly every one who meets her.
In the past 29 years, Apostle Irma Gimith-Woerdings has founded many churches in the nation of Suriname.


The R.E.A.L. Network: Who are we?                             

We are a movement of the Spirit of God that is comprised of Five-fold Ministers, churches, Ministries, Emerging Leaders and Kingdom Business Entities, that have recognized the value of collaboration in order to advance God's kingdom in the Caribbean region and beyond. 

                                                                    Dominica Flood Damage
Dominica After Flood                 
Apostle Bannis Receiving Goods for Dominica Flood Relief
We believe in:
Authentic Relationships
Productive Partnerships
Trusting Accountability
Mutual Support
Common Vision under Apostolic Leadership

 Why we do what we do?


The REAL Network is motivated by the idea that Caribbean people can explore, discover and enjoy the region as global citizens while still embracing a Christ-centered worldview.

As we observe global trends toward technological progress and simultaneous  moral decline, it strengthens our resolve that our creator never intended for us to live like this. A world where technological progress is overshadowed by terrorism and where economic wealth promotes elitism and not equality is not God's idea. 

The REAL Network believes that Caribbean people can trust God to be successful as global citizens without abandoning a Christ-centered worldview.

We believe that true prosperity starts from within and influences the way we live and treat our fellow human beings.

Apostle Fitzroy Wilson and Apostle Jean Etienne

Agape Children’s Ministry-Haiti

  Pastor Leonie Wilson at Agape Ministry

What are the donations being used for?                                                                                                        

To cover the cost of:  Airfares, Accommodation, Food, Ground Transportation and Conference Venue


We thank you so much for being a part of Re- imagining  the Region.  Your contributions will go a long way in helping those who cannot help themselves and will encourage the process of embracing a preferred future for the Caribbean.