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  • My Caribbean Family TV Show

    My Caribbean Family is a TV Talk show with a difference. Edutainment about family life and relationships from a Caribbean perspective.



Hello! So Glad You Found Us!

My name is Donna Tull-Cox and I am the Managing Director of the Parent Empowerment Network.


PEN provides counseling, consultation, parenting and relationship skills building programmes to enhance family life. Our motto is Empowered Parents, Balanced Families. PEN is the Executive Producer of My Caribbean Family TV Show.


The My Caribbean Family TV Show addresses family and relationship issues with an out-of-the-box approach. It is Edutainment at its best, combining problems and solutions in an easy, balanced forum.

Hosted by me, Donna Tull-Cox, and male co-hosts including John King, Jeff Evanson, and Troy Holder, it captures the Ying and Yang of Caribbean relationships in a perfect



It is our intention to produce a series of weekly, half-hour TV Talk shows with additional supplemental vignettes that give short bursts of ready to use information. Each show will include several different interactive sessions to keep the studio and viewing audience engaged on a personal level.

Right now, we use multi-media productions to present issues that people deal with on a daily basis. They see themselves, or someone they know, in the situations presented and are offered solutions. These options are not limited by judgement, nor socio-economic status.


Why The My Caribbean Family TV Talk Show?



As a counselor helping people for over twenty-five years, I have noted that many problems faced by individuals were symptoms of a family issue; many problems faced by individuals directly affected the family; and that many times, helping the family with the issues helped the individuals with their problems.  

Many people are looking for answers to their questions on parenting, marriage, relationships, culture, aging, finances, stress, etc., but are challenged in seeking and getting the help because they wait until they are in crisis.

Family issues spill into the wider community leaving people to wonder why. Why are children being abused? Why is the level and intensity of crime so high? Why are relationships so shallow? Why are the elderly abused and mistreated after all they have done? Why? Why? Why?



Social isolation takes many forms with the individual and the family being ‘boxed in’ and labeled with some negative connotation. Society seems to be falling apart and everyone is pointing fingers at institutions and blaming agencies, but I want to provoke people to look within themselves for the reasons and ultimately for the solutions.

I am passionate about helping others see the bigger picture with themselves in it. On a daily basis I give people ‘A-ha’ moments, but through the use of My Caribbean Family, we could reach the world!

What Have We Done So Far?





To date we have produced vignettes addressing some key family concerns, developed a website for My Caribbean Family, developed a newsletter called Home Drums, and most importantly, we have recorded a few shows of My Caribbean Family!




We have developed a team of people both in front and behind the camera. We have also cemented partnerships with some keen community-minded businesses who are supporting the show through their services and advice. Graphics, theme song, online presence, as well as marketing to this point have all been donated by individuals and small companies investing in us to make things happen.

What are people saying about the show?







What Are The Challenges?




The initial challenge is that we need our own equipment. We have a great team of young film makers and technicians who have the skill but lack their own equipment. Renting is prohibitively expensive and borrowing leaves us at the mercy of those who have a very different schedule to ours.

We have very skilled actors who are ready to depict the situations faced by individuals. To date they have been volunteering their time between their own schedules to work with us. Our agenda is based on their availability as we are unable to offer them more than a snack at this time. Without the ability to provide even a small stipend to our actors and crew, we can only access their services subject to their availability and not our schedule.


What Do We Need?





Our campaign is trying to raise $5 000.00 USD in 30 days. to buy video cameras, lights, sound equipment.

We would also like to be able to invest in our team by at least giving them a stipend for their service to us. I see the importance of paying people for their time and talent as a contribution to their feelings of self-worth and a solution to maintaining good working relationships.

What Are Our Stretch Goals?




We are currently using antiquated hardware and software in our post-production . It is a good thing that we have our own 'McGyvers' in this area; however, it would render our operation much more efficient if any additional funds received over our target, be used to purchase more up- to- date post-production hardware and software.

We also are in development of materials that can facilitate payment for the broadcast platforms throughout the region and the Diaspora. Additional funds will definitely assist in the production and distribution costs of these products.

Each episode costs roughly $4500.00 USD to have My Caribbean Family brought to twenty-five countries in the region as well as cities in the US, Canada and the UK. We are working toward the production of a thirteen-episode series. Any additional funds invested in My Caribbean Family would be used to pay this $58, 500.00 USD fee.

We would be looking at marketing to attract local, regional and international sponsorship to the My Caribbean Family TV Show.
Throughout this, we are still striving to remunerate or cast and crew for their invaluable service


Here’s How You Can Help!








* Subscribe to the newsletter Home Drums!
* Be a part of our studio audience for the taping of My Caribbean Family!
* Tell all your family and friends!
* Invest in My Caribbean Family TV Show by making your contribution!



Every Bit Counts!




Your support in helping us to accomplish these goals will be greatly appreciated and rewarded by small, yet most sincere tokens of our appreciation. From wrist bands, bumper stickers, ‘Wall of Fame’, restaurant and hotel accommodation vouchers, one on one sessions and group courses with PEN, and a host of other special rewards, you will definitely feel like a part of My Caribbean Family.

I must thank those who have supported us and who have indicated that they will support us with their goods and services thus far. We have thirty days to make it happen. When we reach our target, My Caribbean Family TV Show comes to you regularly, wherever you are. You would have also been a part of something that could make a difference in the lives of many people.

Keep looking out for updates to our production and also for how the campaign is coming along. We are always looking to interact with you, so be ready to share with us!

If at this time making a pledge for a monetary donation is not possible, you can still help the cause by getting the word out to family and friends about our show and the campaign. Vision Funder has a share tool to make it easy for you the spread the word!
Let’s do this! There’s always room for you in My Caribbean Family!


Is My Caribbean Family currently in production?

Yes it is! we are taping at Divi Southwinds. Check our Facebook page for upcoming shows and guests.

How can I be a part of the studio audience?

Simply indicate your interest in attending and get to Divi Southwinds an hour before the scheduled start of recording.

Is there an entrance fee?

There is no fee to be a part of the studio audience.

How can I be a guest on the show?

We will be asking for guests for various segments. Stay tuned to the social media as well as the newsletter. You can also reach us by email at if there is some specific contribution you would like to make.

Remember there’s always room for you in My Caribbean Family!