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  • BeepBus By Caribbean Transit Solutions

    Join us as we launch our BeepBus CrowdFunding from June 1 2017 to July 1 2017. We are bringing real time information on Buses, Minibuses and ZRs to Barbados. Join us and support the campaign!



44,000 Bajans take buses daily to commute to work or school. We can’t ensure the bus will come….. But...What we can do is ensure that YOU have the information you need. Here's how!


We're Caribbean Transit Solutions, creators of EasyTrak, BeepCab and BeepBus. You may have seen us on Season 3 of Bank On me Barbados. Join us as we launch our BeepBus CrowdFunding Campaign from June 1 2017 to July 1 2017. We're raising funds to continue development of our bus information app, bringing real time information on Buses, Minibuses and ZRs to Barbados and to continue to grow and enhance our products.




Starting in Barbados, our products allow you to get the information you need on transportation. BeepBus is an app and web based platform where you check the bus schedules (ZR & Transport Board Bus Schedule Info) or to hail a taxi and pay directly from the BeepCab app. With EasyTrak, we work with insurance companies and fleet managers to manage their risk better - more savings for them = more savings for you!


We’re a group of millennials -  Barbadian entrepreneurs; and basically we want to change our world! Improving lives by using existing technology and adapting them to solve our local problems. 


Why Now?


* Transportation problems have been solved in developed countries. In the Caribbean, we’ve got old roads and aging road networks, traffic congestion and lack of information on the transit system is a HUGE problem.  

* After seeing so many examples of solutions in Canada, Latin America and the US we thought…. Why hasn't someone done that here? Why not us?

So we did! We bootstrapped’ our company with the support and investment of our friends, partners and family and in June 2015 launched our products in Barbados. We concentrated on development, built platforms, piloted and tested them and then customised them to the needs of our customers. 


What We've Achieved So Far


With very limited resources, we’ve built the base platform but we want to move from this point to truly adding value for commuters. We’ve also won a number of awards locally, regionally and internationally!




Development will continue in phases, but here's a bit of what we have done so far:

* The BeepBus app is LIVE!! Go to to see scheduled bus times and bus route information         right NOW.

* Download the BeepBus app - Available on Android to have bus route information at your fingertips

* Our app and online portal allow you to plan your trips across Barbados


The platform includes static route information Transport Board buses, Mini Buses and ZR vans



What Will The CrowdFunding Proceeds Be Used For?


Primary Product Development

* We’re going to build out the iOS version of the app, so that in addition to Android users, all the iPhone users out there will be able to use the app a well.

* Real time information is key, so we’re going to add real time information to the bus routes. The build out of this will take a couple months, and we’ll keep you posted on our developments, and off course let you know when we’re ready to beta test.

* We’re going to start our development with one bus route, test, measure and tweak and then build that out across the island over time. We want to not just tell you scheduled times when the bus may arrive - but we want to give you accurate real time info on when the bus will arrive.



* We need to continue to let Barbadians and our tourists know that we exist, so we’ll continue our efforts digitally and you’ll also see more information coming from us on social media and on our websites. 


Stretch Goals


What if we achieve Our ‘Stretch Goals’ over US$20, 000?

* First, we’ll scream with excitement, then we’ll be able to accelerate some of our development by purchasing additional devices and Tracking services to facilitate even more route information on additional bus routes. We’ve got 700+ PSVs on the island and We of course need to purchase the devices to make this project a success. This is going to cost a lot of money. We’d love to outfit all the busses on island for a year - but we’re going to start with about 100 buses (with data for 1 year) and then move to the others later.


We’re a small startup company, and our amazing team, drive and hard work has brought us this far! But we’ve got big plans, and we need your help to realise them!


Here's How YOU Can Help

1. Follow, Like & Share us on Social media - @BeepBus on

2. Download the apps and take a ride. Available on ​

3. Tell Your Friends & Family

4. Contribute and support us in making this a Beeping Reality!


Your Contributions Are Super Important to US!


So head on over to to contribute today! Visit our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages for updates and to share our progress. Thank you in advance!

Realising this dream of ours will change how we use public transportation, and with the right partnerships, information has the power to change how our road networks and bus routes are managed!


Don’t be left out!


If you contribute to this campaign what happens?

  • You maybe chosen as one of our beta testers! Try it out, give us feedback, we need it!
  • You Get A Reward, Yes you do!!!!!!
  • You get our eternal gratitude and you’ll be part of a disruption that will change our country for the better.

Stay locked to this VisionFunder page and our Social media- @beepbus for updates on our awesome rewards and reward partners.


Thank You For Your Support  


Thank you for reading and engaging with us, we want you all to join us in this journey. Some of you may not be able to contribute money, but your support is so much more important to us. We'd love you to chat about the company, check out the apps and give us your constructive feedback, and of course Like, Share and Subscribe to our Social Media Channels and tell anyone who'll listen! Let's make some noise about this across the Caribbean and Diaspora. Don't forget to check out the website for updates and of course remember to use the VisionFunder share tools!  




Is BeepBus Live?

Yes, it most certainly is. The app is live and currently includes bus route information and estimated schedules only; for buses and PSVs based on published schedules and estimates from the number of PSVs on routes.


We want to add to the static route information offered, and move from estimated bus times and schedules to telling you when the bus will be coming.


So, will Bajans be able to see when the next bus is coming island wide?

We will be starting with a pilot bus route, once we complete the app develop and programming development. We’ll test the application with our team, beta testers, and the public. Though we won’t be able to launch real-time bus information island wide initially; we will be working towards that ultimate goal.


Do You Need Internet To Use The App?

Yes, you do need data or internet access to utilise the app in order for information to update dynamically.


Where are we located?

Our Beep HQ office is located in Bridgetown, Barbados. If you'd like to get in contact with us, email: and we'd be happy to assist you with any queries, or information requests.


Where can I get the apps?

BeepBus is currently available on Android (Google Play Store) and the web at:

BeepCab is available on Android and iOS. Download all of our apps today and get riding!


How Do I Donate?
• There are various donation levels, check them out on the right side of your screen. Select a pre-set donation amount or enter your own amount in the last donation tab.
• Enter your mailing information - Why? So we can send you your reward, this address can differ from your cc billing address so we need to confirm the address YOU prefer for reward delivery!
• Start the payment process through PayPal:- Here you have the option to either pay with an existing PayPal account or select 'Pay by Credit Card'. Feel free to select pay by credit card if you either don't have a PayPal account or just want to skip this step and checkout with a credit card only.
• Enter your credit card and billing address information
• Confirm the transaction and You're Done!
• You'll now receive a PayPal confirmation email, and we'll also contact you regarding rewards distribution at the end of the campaign.


Thanks for donating and supporting Team CTS!


Why Do I Have To Add My Address Twice?
We need you enter address information firstly, so that and team CTS have your preferred mailing details (email and address) for the distribution and delivery of rewards.


The next time you add address details, is within the credit card transaction portion of the process and is needed by PayPal for card verification and payment confirmation.


Thanks for donating and supporting Team CTS!


When will rewards be available?

We have a number of amazing partners and rewards we’ve secured just for you! The fulfillment and distribution will commence at the end of the campaign period. Some items have  a longer lead time for production and distribution than others, but we’ll contact you if you’ve contributed with information on your rewards. Also stay tuned to our page for updates and additional campaign partners/ sponsors as they come onboard.


Who are your reward partners?

A full listing of our rewards partners can be seen here: Some of our valued partners include: Bougainvillea Beach Resort & Sugar Bay Resort, Coconut Baby, Artemis Art and more, stay tuned for updates.