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  • When I Am Afraid

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Why Write The Book


I’ve always loved writing; it helps me to clear my mind. When Levi was born, that was one of the most challenging times of my life, because he almost didn’t make it. Even after he had been born, the challenges continued. At 2 months old, Levi was diagnosed with a right inguinal hernia, which meant he needed surgery and the doctor recommended doing it sooner rather than later. I was still recovering from the caesarian section from his birth and the thought of him having surgery was a scary thought for me. I wished that I could take his place.

It was in these moments that God comforted my heart and told me that he makes all things beautiful in his time. From the moment that scripture hit my heart I had a reassuring sense that all would be well, but I was still afraid. I was afraid for my little boy to undergo surgery. I was afraid that a complication could arise during the procedure. He was so small and the surgeon explained the risks that could have long-term implications. Yet, God had promised to make all things beautiful in his time.

Post surgery picAfter God had given me this reassurance, I started to think of the many other mothers and fathers who had been or would be in a similar situation. I wondered how they were coping and if they were also afraid. I thought about the complicated issues such as sickness, death, divorce or abuse that children face and whether there were kid-friendly resources to help them. That’s when the idea hit me! Why not write books to help children to cope with these issues? Being a Christian, I wanted to use the Bible and create stories that would appeal to children while teaching them invaluable truths for life. So I grabbed my laptop and started writing a book as if I was writing it for Levi, but somehow I had the strange feeling that this was not just for him. Soon enough “When I am Afraid” was born.

My goal is that children through this story will learn that when they are afraid they can trust in God, the way he helped me to trust in Him when I was afraid. This book is just the first in a series called “Please Help Me…” I hope that children all over the world will benefit from these stories.

About The Book.


When Lee-Lee’s happy family environment is threatened, he runs away from home into the forest because he thinks it is his best chance of survival. Lee-Lee doesn’t know who he can trust in the forest and is deceived by hungry animals who like Lee-Lee are trying to survive a famine.


Betrayed and hurt, Lee-Lee longs to be a part of a happy family again but he is afraid. How can he overcome his fears? Will he ever have a happy family again? Lee-Lee must learn to trust in God to overcome his fears.

The Project


We held a book launch with a live reading in December and the book was enjoyed by children and parents alike.  We were able to place "When  I Am Afraid"  in all the major bookstores and within months all the books were sold out!



Now we want to help children in the rest of the Caribbean deal with their fears by trusting in God and we need your help to:


      1. Print more copies of the book

      2. Cover marketing cost

      3. Cover shipping cost to get the books into other islands.

​ ​We know that with your help we can give parents a tool they can use to help their children deal with fear and its paralyzing effects.


What we want you to do

1) Share this campaign with your friends and family on your social media networks. We really want to spread the word that no child has to live in fear.

2) We really want you to give to this campaign. In return you will get signed copies of "When I Am Afraid", E- book versions and T - Shirts...or receive a donation pack of all the above to give to your favourite children's charity, school or kids group.

We really appreciate you helping us spread the message of faith and trust in God as a means of helping our children conquer fear!